The Kellie Pickler Clip

Did you see the Kellie Pickler clip? From "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"? I found it first thing this morning on PerezHilton, but now people are e-mailing me about it.

Did you know that "Parental Control" on MTV is scripted? Scripts are going to kill reality TV. Turns out reality just doesn’t make good enough television, not in the eyes of the wankers who create it. They’ve had to juice it up, to make it palatable for us. But they didn’t know we were tuning in for the TRUTH! The human drama. My friend’s bookstore was featured in "Parental Control", and the director kept telling the date to just follow the script, a bound book detailing exactly what the girl should say.

I’d like to believe we’ve got a reality TV moment right here with Ms. Pickler, otherwise she just set the south back a hundred years, and country music along with it. Where does it say that an entertainer has to be DUMB? And if she’s not dumb, why does she have to PLAY dumb? Does that come with the blonde hair?

Meanwhile, Kellie’s ignorance is not the only shocking element of the clip. As you watch the images unfold, you’ll be stunned by Jeff Foxworthy’s off color comment re the war between the sexes. To paraphrase Frank Zappa, you can’t do that on television anymore! Not since the days of political correctness. Oh, it’s part of Foxworthy’s stage act, in context, along with his delineation of how dumb he is and how smart his wife and family are, but in this one little snippet…he says what many men think and have been excoriated for in excess of a decade.

Can’t say that I agree with him, but it’s fascinating to see someone on network TV displaying an edge. That’s what’s been removed from our popular music, unless it’s calculated. The moment rappers started featuring buxom women, expensive rides and tons of ice in every video, the peak was passed. Just like Mariah Carey melisma don’t play no more.

Strange country we live in. No one knows what’s going on. Because there’s too much information for any one person to digest. Or maybe it’s just that too many people are uneducated and ignorant and can’t see what’s right in front of their faces.

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