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Satellite Discoveries

"Nothing I Can Do"Ben Taylor You’d love this if you only heard it.  Imagine a brand new seventies JT song, wouldn’t you kill for that?  Instead of the perfect but bland drivel he’s been releasing since 1985 and "That’s Why I’m Here"? I was parked at the light at Pico and Sepulveda and I heard […]

Hejira – Podcast

I was stretching late last night and "California" came on my iPod. I have a ritual.  Every time I cross the California border, I play this song.  At least I used to, when I drove a 2002 with a "Blue" cassette riding shotgun in the passenger seat, ready for insertion. I always saw "California" as […]


This isn’t about music, this is about money.  And when it comes to money, the brass at EMI isn’t even in the same LEAGUE as the brain trust running Warner. EMI is looking at this from a music perspective.  How to ultimately compete with Universal and Sony BMG in a three way fight for dominance.  […]

Raised On The Radio

I was raised on the radioRaised on the radioJust an all-American boyI found my favorite toy I love my iPod on shuffle, but it’s no match for a deejay’s selections. That’s what we’ve lost on terrestrial, the concept that there’s a single individual, making choices, spinning what HE wants to hear, not what some consultant […]