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I saw a Deadhead sticker on a CadillacA voice inside my head said don’t look backYou can never look back "Boys Of Summer"Don Henley 1. Retail Last Wednesday night, on my way to dinner at Il Sole, I drove past Tower Records.  Tower Records used to be SO busy, such a cultural hotspot, that they […]

The Fray

Fred Goldring gave his teenage daughters a stack of CDs.  You know how it goes, you build an endless pile that you’re NEVER going to listen to. And then they came knocking on his door, telling him they LOVED one of them, they were ENRAPTURED with the Fray! They begged him to get them tickets […]

The YouTube Deal

You can’t play by the rules. Now when it comes to speeding and not paying your taxes, you’re fucked.  You just can’t beat the system.  Questioning the laws will do you no good.  But everybody knows that copyright is the tool of bullies and the present laws are completely outmoded/not in sync with digital reality.  […]

Big Sky Country

We felt like we were in a horror film.  You know, you’re on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, the day is drawing to a close, and… It’s just that we saw a sign for the Inyo Craters.  And wanting to experience everything in this life, wanting to see the natural wonders this […]