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File trading is history. 10% of the public will never pay for music, ignore them. Files are history. Music, like television and so much more, is on demand. As time goes by we will own less and less. As for those worried about a blackout, a breakdown of the internet, if you’ve got no power […]

Paul Ricard

They were racing in France. In 1962 I went to SAAC Camp in Westport, Connecticut. It was based at a school that no longer exists, I’ve searched for it a number of times, both in real life and online, and finally its destruction has been documented in Google Maps, I was never sure if it […]

Great Circle This book is a commitment. It’s 627 pages long. But I read on the Kindle, and I go by percentage, and I read it at the rate of six percentage points per hour, which means…it took me 16 hours to finish it. Are you up for that? And I’m not exactly sure why I […]

Irving Azoff-This Week’s Podcast

A man who needs no introduction…