Re-Joni Mitchell Or Bob Dylan

im not sure i will be free to call in today, but just wanted to say… cause i love this kinda shit…

dylan and joni really are two completely different types of artist.

except for the occasional reveal, bob hides himself. his songs are mostly guarded and removed… and from a songwriting standpoint… he is always derivative… i don’t mean that in the shitty way… his songs just always harkened back to other songs. they are rooted in history.

that said, for me, he is fucking magic. and there is no better lyricist. ever.

joni, on the other hand, is all reveal. and all revolution, in terms of her songwriting. she wrote like no one else before her. her melodies, her chords, her phrasing.. her words.. and she was NEVER guarded. she pulled no punches in her art.

two fucking alien geniuses, for sure… MASTERS!

but, in my eyes, incomparable in terms of their work.

not like, say, mellencamp and petty… who i think SHOULD be compared more. and mellencamp always gets the short end of that stick, which is a shame… but that’s for another discussion…

Matt Nathanson


No question, Dylan! Joni has no Blowing in the Wind. No Times They Are A-Changing. No Masters of War. I could go on…

Toby Byron


Dylan… prolific catalogue.  More anthems.  More longevity in different periods.  Influenced more people.  Not Canadian.  Weirder.

Just my opinion.  I love Joni but it is not a serious question.

Michael Becker


Beatniks = Dylan

Hippies = Joni Mitchell

Note : I don’t think Dylan put together an album / body of work comparable to Joni’s

” Blue ” …. guaranteed in almost every ” boomers ” Top 20 !!

Joseph Carvello



John Hughes


Joni.  Both my teenage kids agree.  Not even close for my family.

John Boyle


Both are giants, and both have totally distinctive impacts. I really see no need to rank one over the other. I love both dearly.

Michael Tearson


Joni is. 🙂

lu lancton


Really Bob – is that even a ? that has to be asked ?

I know its summer and content is always king – and you’ll no doubt get some milage out of the subject. However, if we’re talking about the music – as opposed to the evocation of a particular place and time within which certain music was created – one would have to put their money on Bob.

Andrew Krents


Oh stop.  There’s no one that comes close to Joni.

With peace and love,

Colleen Wares


you know better than that bob. 🙂
which is greater, the sun or the moon?

Amanda Palmer


HA HA HA!!!!!

Nancy Wilson

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