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John Muir

Are you watching Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary on PBS? Not sure I can recommend it.  Having established his formula, Mr. Burns continues to repeat it.  He’s got old images and experts you’ve never heard of.  He’s so busy being exhaustive, so busy getting it right, that sometimes it seems he’s completely forgotten about the […]

I’ve Loved These Days

Meat Loaf never made it in L.A.  Spin "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" and an Angeleno will be flummoxed.  Who’s Phil Rizzuto?  Sure, decades later we’ve heard it, but "Bat Out Of Hell" was in no one’s collection, the record got no airplay.  And Billy Joel got little more. Sure, "Piano Man" was a hit.  […]


Tom Carvel would only give franchises to poor people. Ever since I went to Jim Lewi’s food festival at Shoreline, I’ve been hooked by the Food Network.  It started watching Triple D on on demand, then Felice got hooked on the competition shows and now it’s a TV mainstay. Triple D?  That’s "Diners, Drive-ins and […]

Rockin’ The Beer Gut

If you download the explanatory video, the skinny male in the Trailer Choir says the inspiration was the girls at the fair.  Wearing their bikini tops, sporting their muffintops, their beer guts. I know we’re supposed to never eat.  We’re supposed to be so thin that we look skinny on television, which legendarily adds ten […]