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Needless to say I’m upset about today’s Supreme Court climate change ruling. I can’t see it other than a corporate thing. The corporations want to be able to rape and pillage unfettered, and they pay lobbyists and elected officials to ensure this. As for the environment itself… But let’s get back to Roe v. Wade. […]

Emily Haines-This Week’s Podcast

Emily Haines is the lead singer, keyboard player and one of the songwriters in the band Metric. Metric is 100% independent, the band has done it all itself and as a result follows its own muse and answers to no one. This is Emily’s story, her journey from the hinterlands to a worldwide fan base. […]

Ticket Prices-This Week On SiriusXM

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From: Harold Bronson Subject: Prostests Plus You are so right about protests not working. And, the taxpayer expense and inconvenience to deal with them. Otherwise, if you didn’t see Jordan Klepper interviewing Trumpers in Mississippi three days ago on The Daily Show, you will not be surprised, but astonished. _____________________________________ Re: Re-The Supreme Court Decision […]