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More Bode-Spoiler Alert

At the end of the first season of "The Osbournes", Kelly and Jack are riding in the back seat when they drive by McDonald’s and Jack suddenly implores Kelly to look, the McRib is back!  When his sister is unimpressed, Jack ends up telling Kelly it’s the little things in life, like Bode Miller winning […]

Damian Kulash’s Screed

WhoseTube? I hate the way he bends over backwards to give EMI props, but you should read this for the statistic embedded deep within. Yes, embedding is the point.  When EMI disabled this feature, forced everyone to watch OK Go’s videos on YouTube, viewings of the famous (pre-embedding embargo) treadmill video dropped from 10,000 to […]

Bode-Spoiler Alert

This is a giant middle finger to the jingoistic Americans who believe you must play by the rules to triumph, who excommunicate those who don’t agree, who believe in mind control. That’s the America we’ve now got.  You’re either with us or against us.  Look no further than Washington, D.C. for evidence.  Republicans won’t play […]


Yesterday I hosted a panel entitled "All-In Ticketing: Why Can’t We Do The Math?" at the Pollstar conference: Pollstar Live 2010 Nathan Hubbard did not appear.  Which was a shame, because Nathan has very definitive thoughts on ticketing and he’s committed to progress.  Whereas the panelists who took the stage with me ultimately agreed that […]