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Olympics-Spoiler Alert!

Julia Mancuso’s dad went to prison for dealing dope. Now if that ain’t an American story… Too hot for the American press. Not that Ms. Mancuso cared.  Hell, she even posed as a Lange girl.  Check her out here: Vintage Lange Girl Gallery But there was no backlash, unlike with Lindsey Vonn’s bathing suit photos […]

Hurt Gorillaz

In the sixties, cars only lasted a few years.  Assuming your automobile did not need repairs when it rolled off the truck, like the Chevy Lance’s father purchased that had no reverse pin, or the Chrysler my father bought that caught fire on the way home from the dealership, it was only a matter of […]

Lindsey’s Gold

It’s a bittersweet victory. To triumph in the Olympic downhill is an amazing feat.  Not only do you have to be that good, you’ve got to emerge victorious on a unique hill on a single day.  This is not like winning at a swimming or track meet, where the conditions are essentially identical every time […]

James McMurtry At The Mint

I often wonder what it would be like to go to college today. When I went to Middlebury, not only was there no Internet, there were no DVDs, and if you were really lucky, you could get one TV channel, with snow.  A couple of times a week we’d go to Dana Hall for movies, […]