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Derek Sivers On Leadership

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy In yesterday’s "New York Times", Lucian Grainge, Universal Music’s CEO-To-Be said: "I believe that the CD will out-survive me as a format." Universal Music Names Grainge as Its Next Chief That’s utterly laughable. We could allow Lucian to explain himself, but the damage has been done, Lucian has debuted in […]

Warner Music

The Warner Music Group is making money.  The publicized loss is due to accounting, having to do with amortization and other issues Wall Street understands and lay people do not.  But what is the future? You can read the transcript of the Warner earnings call here: Warner Music Group Earnings Call Transcript And if you […]


There’s a war going on in the music business and rights holders are afraid they’re going to lose. The public is clueless, it barely sees the battles while it steals music.  But the future is subscription, which doesn’t involve only music, but products ancillary thereto, maybe even completely virtual. If you’ve been following the Amazon/Macmillan […]

Why Can’t We Live Together

Just because you’re old, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be imprisoned by your past.  It’s a choice.  Do you want to play it safe, giving people what they want, or do you want to explore? Steve Winwood left band after band, and then truly made his name when he went solo.  Who expected "While […]