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Hipgnosis Embraces AI

Merck had to do something to save the company and his reputation. “Hipgnosis Songs Fund Overstated Revenue, Earnings & Its Stakes in Music Catalogs, Says New Report – Shot Tower Capital says inadequate financial analysis and management from the investment adviser led to inaccurate information at multiple levels.”: Damning at many levels. Turns out […]

Vicious Society

You’ve got what I want and if I can’t have it too, I’m going to tear you down to the level I’m at. I’m entitled. You’re no better than me. Or maybe you are. I see you on Instagram. God, I wasn’t born that beautiful. Forget what’s behind the facade, it’s amazing what makeup and […]

The New Music Business

You’re not a star and you’re never going to be one. Now that felt good, didn’t it? The twentieth century was all about technology putting a few artists in front of everybody. First and foremost, only a few could make and distribute recordings, never mind get on the radio. But deep pocketed labels scoured for […]

Beyoncé Goes Country

What kind of crazy, f*cked up world do we live in where Taylor Swift leaves country for Top Forty and Beyoncé leaves Top Forty for country? One in which the story is almost always about the personality and the money but almost never about the music itself. There’s a lot to say about Beyoncé. Her […]