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HuffPo Cheats

Websites to Google: ‘You’re killing our business!’ Ain’t that America. Arianna Huffington cashes out and goes on a victory lap, basking in the media’s adoration of her win, jealous while they’re anointing her, and it turns out she made her money the old fashioned way.  By cheating. This is after marrying a rich gay guy […]

The Oscars

Where’s Steve Stoute when you need him? So they hire Anne Hathaway and James Franco to appeal to the younger demo but end up with a traditional show that youngsters don’t care about.  No wonder the Oscar telecast is in trouble. To a youngster a movie is "Iron Man 2".  A roller coaster ride outside […]

Jackson Browne At The Arlington

CARRY ME So Jackson Browne goes to see Lyle Lovett at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara and in the middle of the show Lyle calls him out, insists he come up on stage and perform a number. Jackson figures he’s going to sing backup.  But Lyle hands him a guitar and makes him sing […]


What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where acts utilize paperless ticketing to benefit their fans, to make sure those who really care can get inside the building at a fair price, and these same fans think they’re getting screwed and want the right to a paper ticket? StubHub has been […]