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Save The Album?

If I hear one more old fart who grew up separating seeds from stems in the middle of a gatefold cover say we’ve got to save the album my head is gonna EXPLODE! What ruined this business was the single.  The individual track honed to perfection and then sold on MTV.  Suddenly, people no longer […]

Living With War

The most important thing about Neil Young’s new album is how fast it was cut. Talk to a major label honcho today.  It’ll crack you up.  They’re on a GLACIAL pace.  They want you to cut demos.  Co-write.  Work with different producers.  And then, even when your album is finished, they plot a release date […]

Today’s Tracks

"How We Operate"Gomez I hope there’s not a video for this.  That’s what fucked up this business.  When you started selling bands via image instead of music.  When you heard them out of the speakers of your FM rig, in your bedroom, or at the gig, opening for one of your favorite acts, back when […]

Allmans/Cheap Trick/Sony

What a fucked up country we live in. Let’s start with the net neutrality debacle in Congress.  Can you say "Clear Channel"?  How come these paid-off pricks, uninformed as to reality, too busy lunching and trying to keep their jobs to actually know what they’re legislating about, constantly vote against the public’s interest?  The telcos […]