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Re-Gnarls Barkley

We haven’t had this spirit here since 1995, when Alanis Morissette released "Jagged Little Pill". We’ve been oppressed for a decade.  Victims of corporate behemoths with no social responsibility, only interested in fattening their wallets, not enriching their clientele.  As a result, there’s an almost UNFATHOMABLE demand/desire for something great.  The public wants to be […]

Myth Of The Middle

There is an utterly fascinating article on the front page of today’s "Wall Street Journal" how Anheuser-Busch fucked up its business by making its beer ever lighter, removing its bitterness, in an effort to make the beer more drinkable to more people. As a result, the company lost market share and had to discount its […]

Gnarls Barkley

Have you HEARD this record? I was driving from an appointment on Wilshire listening to Sirius. I had the Stones on till the roundabout at 26th.  Then, I shifted to Marky Ramone on Faction.  I’m working my way down the dial.  It’s so HARD to learn the Sirius system, since it takes SO LONG for […]

This Week’s Podcast – Alice Cooper

It is absolutely positively CRIMINAL that Alice Cooper is not in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  While Robbie Robertson and other exalted insiders have left the boards, are sitting behind a desk instead of standing in front of a microphone, Alice Cooper is out KILLING night after night and those in power, with […]