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One To One

I know this guy, Marty Albertson, he’s CEO of Guitar Center. We had lunch at NAMM.  It’s a tradition.  He and Felice get together every year.  You see he’s on the board of the foundation she runs.  Although wearing a jacket, having decided a few years back that he wanted the industry to take his […]

The Left Bank

They told Felice it was the last night. We chose the Left Bank for my birthday dinner because of the exquisite rack of lamb we ate there over Christmas.  But Felice was a bit worried about the food on this last night of the season…would we be getting the dregs?  With so few people in […]

My Birthday!

We just saw a baby in Crocs. We were walking back to the Lodge from Haagen-Dazs.  Where I partook of one element of my birthday trilogy.  Every year I have a hot fudge sundae, a pastrami sandwich and go to the movies.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the pastrami and movies.  Don’t think […]

The Skiing

We do things because they feel good. Think about it, that’s why we have sex.  Oh, it expresses our love for the other person, but it’s the SENSATION that keeps us coming back for more.  Life is about sensations. How can I explain skiing to you?  You know when you bite into that dark chocolate, […]