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Chappelle In Hartford

It’s the culture. Oh, I know it was a long show. And the audience was mostly white. And that Chappelle has a history of being prickly, being nobody’s “boy.” But that’s exactly the point. In a culture where everybody’s doing what’s expected of them, trying to climb the economic ladder, those who question and say […]

Rhinofy-Linda Ronstadt

MAD LOVE The album seen as a sell-out back then and completely forgotten today is Ronstadt stripped raw and gone punk and if you don’t like it I don’t care. And if you don’t know it, you should. “Justine” Written by Mark Goldenberg and ultimately done better by his band the Cretones not on Spotify, […]

The Miley Cyrus Controversy

Huh? She’s laughing all the way to the bank. Did you catch the audience in this clip? Not the automatons dancing and screaming around the stage like this is their last night to live, but those in the seats behind? You’d think they were at an anthropology lecture. Which in actuality they were. What we’ve […]

Dr. Luke Joins Idol

Huh? This is the end result of a culture based on fame. Which too many people equate with fortune. My favorite story about this took place at a restaurant where patrons were stunned to see a cast member of the “Real World” waiting tables. They asked him, “What are you doing here?” I ask Dr. […]