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What Dies First, Twitter Or The VMAs?

I’m not gonna watch it. I figure if anything happens worth knowing about, I can see it on the Internet tomorrow. That’s how far we’ve come, used to be you DVR’ed it and fast-forwarded through not only the commercials, but almost all of the musical performances. Now you don’t want to waste the hard drive […]

How Do You Get What You Want?

If you’re not successful, you’ve got to change something. In 1994, I was broke, single and sans a parent. Let me restate that. I sometimes had less than $20 in the bank, my wife who I was not divorced from had moved out four and a half years earlier, and in the interim my dad […]

Rhinofy-Dance To The Music

And I don’t even like to dance. So it’s late Sunday night and we’re cruising down the 101 listening to Sixties on 6 and… All these years later Sylvester Stewart has become a joke. Living in his van, bleaching his hair, still not showing up for gigs or if he does appearing ever so briefly […]

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Greetings from Vail, Colorado, where the world’s elite bicycle racers are engaged in a time trial from the Village to the top of the Pass. And you don’t care. But so many do. European sports are invading America. With football challenged by head injuries and baseball the land of drug-addled stars the passive life of […]