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From: Alyssa Garcia Subject: Covid and touring crews Hey Bob, I’ve been receiving your emails for about a decade. I had a music industry teacher in college recommend I sign up. He would actually read a lot of your letters in class. I ended up dropping out of school early when the opportunity to tour […]

Such A Fun Age I bought it before I found out it was a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick. We finished the second season of “Top of the Lake.” But there was no lake, the action shifted to Sydney, and it did not ring true until about halfway through, then I got hooked. And I’ve also become an […]

Rodham I wish I’d read this when I’d grown up, it would have answered so many questions! I’m a big Curtis Sittenfeld fan. I started with “Prep.” I went to public school, but in college 45% of the students had come from prep schools. They were different. And you can’t explain them to people who […]

Mrs. Everything

Mrs. Everything: A Novel I loved this book. I mean loved, loved, LOVED! I am not a guy’s guy. If you want to make fart jokes and snap towels in the locker room I won’t be there, or I’ll be standing in the corner, detached. Not that I don’t like a good fart joke. I’m […]