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The Franzen Book

“Crossroads”: This is an incredible piece of work. But not everybody will enjoy it. Because it’s written for a small coterie of industry insiders and Iowa Workshop believers and this makes it a bit difficult to read and is the case with all of the works lauded by these cliques, plot is secondary. But […]

The Sound Of Gravel I was afraid to go to sleep. Then again, I didn’t want to, I wanted to stay up another hour or so to finish the book but it was already long past midnight. There’s initial publicity about books, but most books catch fire and last as a result of word of mouth. That’s how […]

Stella This is a Nazi book. World War II seems like ancient history, but in the sixties it was only twenty years previous. If you were Jewish you were still on guard, and ironically after the ensuing decades you are once again. There were trials and memorials and by time one hit the seventies there […]

The Third Pole

“The Third Pole: Mystery, Obsession, and Death on Mount Everest”: I read “Annapurna.” I don’t know what caused me to read books in high school. Outside of school, that is. It appears that the world is split into two kinds of education. One in which you pay your dues in class, another in which […]