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Educated: A Memoir Every family is a cult. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to break out of it. I grew up fifty miles from New York City. My mother was the life of the party, my father expounded upon truth every day. It wasn’t until I went to college that I […]

Seymour Stein’s Book

Siren Song: My Life in Music He takes a swing at Mo Ostin, multiple swings, in fact. He who writes history owns it, will this sway people’s opinion of the Warner majordomo, does anybody care? That’s what struck me so much reading this book, so much is ancient history. The decimation of the Warner Music […]

Moby’s Book

Porcelain: A Memoir What if you became a rock star? Moby invited us to dinner at his vegan restaurant the Little Pine in Silver Lake. It was jumping. We got a table in the back and Moby asked me about me, which rarely happens. I like that people like to tell their stories, but when […]

The Curtis Sittenfeld Book

“You Think It, |’ll Say It” You want to read this. Ever feel alone, like no one understands you, like you’re an alien and everybody else is connecting but you’re not? I do. And then you meet someone who gets you… It’s always a surprise, it’s always when you’re not looking, you get into conversation […]