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Harold Bronson’s Book

“Time Has Come Today: Rock and Roll Diaries 1967-2007”: I couldn’t put it down. And I wasn’t planning to read it at all. I figured I’d skim it, tell Harold about some positive points and move on. But I was hooked, I was gobsmacked, because this was my life. I tell my shrink all […]

Jann Wenner-This Week’s Podcast

Mr. Rolling Stone. Jann has a new book of interviews entitled “The Masters.” We discuss the artists and more. (Note: This was recorded on Monday September 11th, prior to the publication of the “New York Times” interview and the subsequent controversy.)

Such Kindness “‘I want you to know that the way I grew up, I guess I was wired to live small, if that makes any sense. See, I came from people with low expectations. All my life I haven’t been able to get past that.’” I was interested in the book from the beginning, not that […]

Battle Of Ink And Ice

“Battle of Ink and Ice: A Sensational Story of News Barons, North Pole Explorers, and the Making of Modern Media”: With all this hype about BookTok, I decided to do a deeper dive. A waste of time. What we’ve got here is women, and a few men, testifying as to their love of a […]