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Damnation Spring This newsletter is not a chronicle of everything I’ve experienced…every book, TV show, movie and concert. And it’s certainly not a list. A list is not writing, and not that intriguing. However, one of the main reasons I read a book or watch a TV show or movie is because of the plot. So […]

Twisted Business

“Twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock ‘n Roll”: Jay Jay French is a hustler. A New York hustler. The top of the heap. A survivor. A human cockroach who cannot be ignored and cannot be killed. And that’s why he made it. Every band needs a hustler. Sure, some bands become big […]

The Katie Couric Book

“Going There”: I only read it because I want to get her on the podcast. She too is an iHeart podcaster and I figured that’d give me an in. Not that I ever watched the “Today Show.” I’m almost never up at that hour and if I want news, I’ll go online, or read […]

Beautiful World, Where Are You This book did not get universally good reviews. And that’s significant, because its author, Sally Rooney, is the latest literary phenom. Oh, you know her, even if you didn’t read her two previous books. She’s the one behind “Normal People,” on Hulu, which everybody was raving about last year. I tried, but once again […]