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The Bolton Book

I’ve got three copies. Two e-mailed, one sent by iMessage. And the book business keeps raising digital prices and trying to keep the paradigms of the past in place. The dirty little secret of the book business is most people don’t want what they’re offering. And when they do, piracy/copyright infringement is as big a […]


Severance: A Novel I found out about it through “Rolling Stone.” The last three episodes of the second season of “Ramy” are ASTOUNDING! The second season does not start off like the first. There isn’t as much humor, there’s a lot of religion. I was wondering if I’d written about the series too soon. And […]

Arts Update

DEUTSCHLAND ’83 This was recommended by “The Week.” And I recommend “The Week” But it’s expensive. The magazine world has completely changed, and it’s even worse in the era of Covid-19. I.e. advertising has fallen off dramatically. But “The Week” was never based on advertising. So now, every magazine is expensive, look at the price […]

The Knockout Queen

The Knockout Queen This book is so wild. When I was a freshman in college, second semester I took an English course entitled “The Picaresque Novel.” Now if you look up “picaresque” in the Oxford dictionary, it says “relating to an episodic style of fiction dealing with the adventures of a rough and dishonest but […]