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The Peter Grant Book-2

This is a terrible book. But I finished it anyway. You see I was there. When the Beatles broke, when FM radio ruled, when Led Zeppelin sold out stadiums and musicians were independent thinkers as rich as anybody in America. But those days are in the rearview mirror. There’s a music business, that’s for sure. […]

The Peter Grant Book-1

He came from nothing. And when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. You go with the flow, you take risks, you glom on to advantages, your goal is to get ahead, not protect what you’ve got. This is what the other entertainment industries cannot understand about music. How it’s run by street hustlers. […]

The Ovitz Book

Who Is Michael Ovitz? I couldn’t put it down. But you may be able to. Unless you lived through it, unless you were addicted to the movies, unless you followed the twists and turns of the entertainment business in the last century you’ll be confused, you’ll understand the lessons but won’t know the names, and […]

Dorothy Carvello’s Book

Anything For A Hit If “Anything For A Hit” was written by a man it would be a best-seller. Every, and I mean EVERY wannabe should devour this book. Because it delineates the game and how it is played, and it’s much worse than you’ve ever dreamed. Oldsters know all that. But they’ll read for […]