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Book Report

“American Dervish”: “Infinite Country”: “American Dervish” is the first novel written by Ayad Akhtar, who wrote one of last year’s absolute best books, “Homeland Elegies.” It’s not as good. When you get into something, you want more of it, you want to go on an excursion into the past, find out everything about […]

Beverly Cleary

Now THAT’S a rock star! I’m trying to remember the first time I encountered Henry Huggins. Back in the fifties, you didn’t learn how to read before you went to school, not even in kindergarten, reading was for the first grade. My younger sister Wendy always told us she could read at three, but I […]

Book Report

1 When I was in fifth grade Mr. Luti had a metal box where you placedĀ  your book reports. These were for pseudo credit. Kind of like when he asked everybody to tell him how much time they watched PBS. I didn’t watch it at all, but I said something like three and a half […]

My Year Abroad If this were a record, it would be the album of the year. I’m not talking about a worthless Grammy, I’m talking about the one everybody would be talking about, would be wowed by, something that would push the envelope and herald the dawning of a new age. Kind of like “Nevermind.” But even […]