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Disappearing Earth

Disappearing Earth: A novel I crowdsource my reading. It’s the same thing I do with my viewing. I’ve only got time for great, and when it requires a huge investment of my time… I’m trying to make sense of the world. And I can’t. You see there’s too much input, too many stories. In the […]

Where The Crawdads Sing

Where The Crawdads Sing It’s rare that number one delivers. It’s oftentimes dumbed-down, made to appeal to the masses, when the truth is we want something that appeals to our hearts. A book is a journey. And you don’t want to find out halfway through that you don’t want to get to the destination. You’ve […]

Country Road

We didn’t make beats, we played the guitar. I’m reading this book “The Dog Stars” because I just finished “The River” and I wanted more. They’re both by Peter Heller. Who I found accidentally with “Celine,” but didn’t realize this until I was researching later. I don’t like to recommend books that are not a […]

Lake Success

Lake Success: A Novel I almost cried when this book ended. I was sitting in an Air Canada 777, staring straight ahead, unable to move, never mind start reading something else. Reading was my first love, before baseball, before skiing, before music. I loved the library. I’d take out seven books at a time. The […]