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Bob, As one-half of the band on the original Boz Scaggs track "Baby’s Calling Me Home", I thank you for recognizing the veracity of the vibe.  It was recorded late in the evening in the winter of 1967, after the rest of the band had gone back to rented digs on Eaton Place in London, […]

Saturday Night Playlist

"Baby’s Callin’ Me Home"Steve Miller Band But it’s a Boz Scaggs song, with Boz doing lead vocal. Funny about the blues, they’re timeless. I think you could love hip-hop, jazz, electronic and still dig this. It’s the mood, the vibe, the ethereal vocal. You know those movies where the protagonist drives down the boulevard deep […]

Bruce Springsteen At The Sports Arena

We’ve been traveling over rocky ground, rocky groundWe’ve been traveling over rocky ground, rocky ground What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where the highlight of a Bruce Springsteen show is not only a new song, but one that features rapping? We don’t go to the Springsteen show to look forward, […]


"When one understands that consumers now spend more time in mobile apps than they do online ( Instagram’s value begins to make sense." Social Networking Ends Games 40 Month Mobile Reign This statistic utterly astounded me. This revolution has been underreported, it seems only techies are in the loop. In other words, we all ready […]