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Rhinofy-More Random

"Wrapped" Co-written by Walt Wilkins and Pat Green, I love both versions, but prefer Walt’s, it’s just a little more subtle, you hear the despair and the desire. In a perfect world, this would be on every cruise ship playlist, every yacht iPod, everywhere Jimmy Buffett rules. People have no idea the music they’ll like, […]

Feel Like A Rock Star

Feel Like A Rock Star (Duet With Tim McGraw) I thought they called it COUNTRY music. If Charlie Rich cut "The Most Beautiful Girl " he wouldn’t be able to get any airplay, because suddenly country is rock. Only it’s a watered-down, wimpy, non-threatening take on the corporate rock of the seventies. As for Hank […]


"The Voice" has not broken a single act worldwide. Despite the onslaught of publicity, the only people who have benefited are the judges. You see the contestants are just like the show, they’re me-too. And we haven’t had an "American Idol" star since… Well, Kelly Clarkson is a worldwide star, Carrie Underwood made it in […]


The media talked about Dick Clark. The people talked about Levon Helm. He didn’t do it to become famous, certainly not rich. His parents didn’t buy him the best equipment available, they didn’t dun everybody they came in contact with, saying how great a player he was and he deserved to make it, no, Levon […]