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Alison Moyet At The Fonda

She told the audience to shut up. That she was 56 and might never come back so they’d better let her talk. It’s not that they were rabble-rousing, lost in their own personal world, the assembled multitude was in thrall, shouting, interrupting, wanting to connect. And you’d want to connect too. The only other time […]

Dinner At Jake Udell’s House

Moe pulled away in his Ferrari. It’s hard to explain the SoCal lifestyle if you don’t live here. The warm fall evenings. The emphasis on out instead of in. But when you find yourself perched on a cliff in the hills, overlooking a sparkling San Fernando Valley, in your shirtsleeves on September 26th, you wonder […]

Seinfeld On Stern

There’s something wrong with him. We keep thinking Larry David is the odd one, but it’s Jerry. Used to be Howard had no friends. Now he hangs with the rich and famous. And to be honest, you want to too. Not to brag, but to hear the stories. When Stern laments being unable to go […]

Colin Kaepernick

Does this mean he can play now? Now that the athletes and the owners of the NFL have stood up to Trump, which team will break the logjam and sign Kaepernick? That’s how it happens folks. Someone decides to cross the line. Someone does the right thing. I’m sick and tired of the right defining […]