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Trump was not prepared for this. But neither was I. After spending five days on my back, sick as a dog, I landed in Los Angeles, the land of winter heat and thick air, and… There was no limo driver. I’m busy b.s.’ing with Tempkins, who’s planning to go to the Westin, lord only knows […]

Manassas On German Television

Stephen Stills Manassas Start at 29:00 in. Stephen Stills makes it seem so effortless, you can’t believe he’s wringing that sound out of his guitar, no one should be able to play that well, no wonder he was friends with Jimi Hendrix, who played on Stephen’s solo debut. I was reading about Manassas on Music […]

Alexa Is The New AOL

Jim just iMessaged asking whether his mother-in-law should get an Echo or a Dot. You know a revolution is brewing when a septuagenarian jumps on the technology bandwagon. It reminds me of 1995, the heyday of AOL. Now in that year most people did not own computers. Ironically, many said they were waiting for a […]

The Michael Lewis Book

“The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds” I’m pretty sure most buyers never finished this book. So why did I? Maybe it’s fandom, I’m a Michael Lewis believer. He writes well about subjects I find interesting and he’s not self-aggrandizing and thin-skinned like Malcolm Gladwell, whom I’ve lost faith in. But both oftentimes […]