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An Artist…

Does not give its audience what it wants, does not tell it what it wants to hear. Is not in it for the money. Is not a member of the group. If you’re the quarterback of the football team or the head cheerleader chances are you are not an artist. An artist is a misunderstood […]


What does this mean for radio? “Bad and Boujee” is number one on Spotify, even number one on the “Billboard” Hot 100, but it’s nowhere to be found on the Mediabase Top Forty chart. I’m fascinated by the Oscar nominations, because other than the voters and the media savants no one cares about these pictures. […]


I remember when it was a badge of honor to be a lawyer. Before all the attorneys lied during Watergate and the profession was revealed to be ethically challenged. Now I never mention I’m an attorney. Because the people on the other side of the desk will laugh. If I amp it up and say […]


Why does everybody have to be a business. Man. I get that artists have been ripped off from time immemorial, but the acquisition and promotion of Tidal have proven that when it comes to understanding technology, artists are clueless. But they are greedy. That’s what this is all about, money. Forget the wannabes, forget the […]