I remember when it was a badge of honor to be a lawyer. Before all the attorneys lied during Watergate and the profession was revealed to be ethically challenged.

Now I never mention I’m an attorney. Because the people on the other side of the desk will laugh. If I amp it up and say I’m gonna take action, they say to go ahead and sue, which calls my bluff, because any attorney knows it’s a long hard process to achieve minimal goals.

I just read a story in the “New York Times” about nut allergy people being kicked off airplanes.

These weren’t coal miner’s daughters from West Virginia, not heartland denizens going to visit grandma, but the sons of a doctor flying off to Turks and Caicos. They said they just mentioned there was a nut allergy and they were kicked off the plane and if you believe that you probably believe George Soros and the Koch Brothers eat at McDonald’s.

I’m not saying nut allergies aren’t real. But I am sure these people felt entitled to special treatment and that just doesn’t happen in America anymore.

Why can’t the elites see that their act is offensive? That the disadvantaged and left behind can’t wait to shove it up their rear ends?

That’s why they voted for Donald Trump. And I’m not endorsing Donald’s actions, but I just can’t get over how the educated left acts so superior and believes it is entitled to rule because it worked hard in school to get good jobs.

Kinda like the people who pre-board on Southwest Airlines. I pay extra for early boarding but the better part of twenty people get on before me. What makes them so special? Why does everybody in America feel entitled to win?

Then there’s the issue of “facts,” the laughing at Kellyanne Conway by the holier-than-thou. But these are the same people who will not believe Spotify pays out 69% of its revenues to rights holders. They’re really no different from the Trump voters. Their cheese has been moved and they want to jet everybody back to the past.

Everybody’s trying to hold on to what once was, only some people have more power than others.

The elites rigged the game in their favor, and if you don’t believe this, you can’t see that money and power yield advantages and the left wing lawmakers did not stand up for unions.

So this is the country we now live in. Where the rich hold sway over the poor and feel entitled to do so, they have contempt for everybody not like them, who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth and didn’t work hard to get into a good school and slave seventy hours a week to get ahead.

And the left behinds believe the canard that manufacturing will come back to the States and the problem is all immigrants.

And the winners don’t reach down and lift these people up, but laugh at them.

And the truth is there are more losers than winners and that’s how Donald Trump got elected.

So the next time you ward your privilege over us, beware of the backlash.

And the next time you laugh at alternative facts ask yourself what you refuse to believe, because it doesn’t fit in with your world view.

This is not the twentieth century. Technology has fostered income inequality and the spread of alternative, often false views, and everybody in power thinks it’s the same as it ever was, and they’re entitled to rule.

Not so.

“Travelers With Nut Allergies Clash With Airlines”

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