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Letter To A Manager

(I sent this e-mail to a manager, I believe it delineates the streaming equation.) As for streaming… The companies give 60-70% to the rights holders. Read the Iovine interview in the “Times” to see that the problem is not the streaming services, but the rights holders, if you squeeze too much, the streaming services go […]

The Great Depresh

The Great Depresh Do you fit in? Do you ever feel lonely? Do you get depressed? In our world you must be a winner. And, amazingly, some of the biggest self-professed winners are the trolls on the internet, they’ve got no friends, they think if they yell loud enough they will count and people will […]

Ads Don’t Work

“Bloomberg Spends Millions on Anti-Trump Attack Ads” Trump won because he was a known quantity, in the public eye for decades and then on network TV for years, starting in 2004, when network TV still counted, when Netflix was still sending DVDs by mail and Tony Soprano had no idea who the “Stranger Things” kids […]

2010s-What Happened

SALES DIED Remember when we were arguing about the cost of cuts on iTunes and whether Apple could sell individual tracks or had to sell the whole album? Funny how the battles of yesterday are meaningless today. Of course I’m talking about file sales, but if you want to talk physical…CDs are great earners, but […]