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Aspen Live 2019

Actually, for twenty attendees, the conference is still going on, they couldn’t get out of town because the airport closed. That’s Aspen. And speaking of Aspen, yesterday Rich Burkley, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development for the Aspen Skiing Company, sat down for an interview. He said Aspen was a destination. And eighty percent […]


“Buttigieg Struggles to Square Transparency With Lack of Disclosure on Consulting” Raise your hand if you know what McKinsey is… It might as well be Blackwater! This is what it’s come down to folks, whether you want business as usual, rule by the monied elite, or a revolution. The Republicans had a revolution. The RNC […]

Tom Corson-This Week’s Podcast

Tom Corson is the co-chairman and chief operating officer of Warner Records. Listen… iheart spotify apple stitcher


Matchbox Well I’m sitting here wonderin’ Will a matchbox hold my clothes I didn’t buy “Something New.” I already had all the “Hard Day’s Night” songs on the soundtrack album. And I certainly didn’t need a German version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” But there were a couple of new tracks that I […]