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I was going to write about ticketing. That’s what you want to hear from me, music insight, right? Well, there’s a very simple insight the media doesn’t want to acknowledge, that the music business includes much more than the Spotify Top 50. While the major labels try to manipulate the “Billboard” chart, so that media […]

Holly George-Warren-This Week’s Podcast

Holly George-Warren is the author of a new book on Janis Joplin entitled “Janis: Her Life and Music.” Tune in for insights into Janis, along with tales from Ms. George-Warren’s career working at “Rolling Stone” and authoring sixteen books on topics as varied as Woodstock, Alex Chilton and country & western music. iheart apple spotify […]

The Kaepernick Shoe

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where Jay Z makes a deal with the NFL and Nike’s Colin Kaepernick shoe sells out? One in which keeping your mouth shut for money is passe and being a member of the group is less important than being an individual. It’s the sixties all […]

My History Of The Beatles-Part 3-SiriusXM This Week

We start with “I Feel Fine.” Now once again, this is the American experience, my experience, with the truncated/bastardized LPs. “I Feel Fine” was on the second side of “Beatles ’65,” which, along with its successor, “Beatles VI,” corresponded with the English “Beatles For Sale,” now my favorite Beatles album. (Once again, I’m not saying […]