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It finally caught up with Sheryl Crow.  Famous for showing up anywhere someone would pay her, seemingly at the opening of a mall (do they still build those?), Sheryl is now the poster girl for corporate excess.  All due to Maureen Dowd. Sheryl’s nice.  She had breast cancer.  She shows up at the appropriate rallies, […]

I Went To The Mirror

Can we bring Todd Rundgren back for a victory lap? I was lying on my back doing my back exercises when "I Went To The Mirror" came over my iPod Touch. "Something/Anything?" is not my favorite album.  But that’s not because there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just that I like "Ballad" a little bit […]

Two Sides To The Merger

The live music model is broken because they broke it. It would fix itself if it were allowed to continue and Live Nation was prevented from using its ponzi scheme to announce the next deal without making the last one work. Wishful thinking?…no…this is from LN’s very own claim that the business won’t survive as […]

Obama’s Speech

This has been a bleak year for me.  The gig that covered my nut evaporated.  Seemingly every year or two this occurs.  But I always have hope a new job will appear.  Right now, I don’t have that hope. I open the newspaper and find articles telling me it’s worse than everybody says.  That the […]