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AMATEURS Have tons of ideas, are excited about all of them and see none to fruition. PROFESSIONALS Have tons of ideas, pick one and do their best to make it happen. AMATEURS Think they can do everything. PROFESSIONALS Know it’s almost impossible to achieve one thing. AMATEURS Think they know everything. PROFESSIONALS Are always learning. […]

Play It Again

I’m a sap. I’ve never owned a black leather jacket, never a skinny tie, I’m nothing if not unfashionable. But I’m human. What does it mean to be human? Anxious. Wondering if this or that is gonna work out. Lonely. Wanting to connect, but not knowing how to bridge the gap. Self-conscious. Worried if people […]

Baby Boomer Dilemmas

Can’t understand how you can be on TV but no one can see you. Having grown up with three channels, baby boomers can’t fathom five hundred. Gene Simmons trumpets the run of his “Family Jewels” show and it’s not even a footnote, to quote the Eagles, it’s already gone, and to quote Blondie, it certainly […]

Final Stagecoach/Day Three

IT’S LIVE The bifurcation occurred twenty five years ago, with Milli Vanilli. That duo may have been busted, but since then it’s been de rigueur, totally accepted to utilize tapes/hard drives in concert. In pop it’s about the show, and a show is all about production, not music. And whether you like what’s coming out […]