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The Date Shake

And I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight With a billion stars all around That’s when the polo grounds come alive, after dark, when the palm trees are swaying, the mountains are still discernible and the sky is covered with stars. I didn’t understand Palm Springs. Hell, I didn’t even know there was […]

It Should Have Been Me

Forget exulting in someone else’s success, the great American pastime is lamenting that you got screwed, that someone else has got your job, your girl, your plaudits, everything you deserve. It’s hard to rise above in our country, because the minions are lined up to tear you down. Sure, there are some who do it […]

Stagecoach-Day Two

They brought swimming pools. You want to watch sports at home, but nobody wants to sit on the couch and watch a concert. A concert is an event, where you go and soak up the atmosphere, and what you see is secondary to what you hear, music is unlike football or movies, when done right […]


The moon comes up and the sun goes down We find a little spot on the edge of town Twist off, sip a little, pass it around Dance in the dust, turn the radio up And that fireball whiskey whispers Temptation in my ear It’s a feelin’ alright FRIDAY night And that’s how we do […]