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Easy Now

Somehow Eric Clapton has become known for a quiet song about his deceased son and a lame, slowed-down version of "Layla".  One has to give him credit for his longevity on his 64th birthday, but the fumes he’s living on are not three-dimensional.  Not that we need to blame him so much as his audience. […]

One More Time

‘Cause nobody knows how I’m feeling I discovered Peter Frampton the last week of May 1971.  That’s when I purchased Humble Pie’s "Rock On", in preparation for seeing the band open for Lee Michaels at the Fillmore East.  This was regular procedure.  I bought Fairport Convention’s "Full House" the year before, when they opened for […]

The Neverending Story

Heard anybody talk about "Black Ice" recently?  How about "Long Road Out Of Eden"? Those albums were made for the paycheck, not the music.  Upon delivery, the parties involved got a huge sum from Wal-Mart, a guaranteed payment for a certain number of albums that the retailer gave up the right to return. This is […]

Laptop Hunters

Stop lying. The Web has a zillion sleuths just waiting to be activated, like that worm on your computer delineated on "60 Minutes" last night The Conficker Worm: What Happens Next? (PC-only, in fact), in order to verify the veracity of your statements. Latest example? Microsoft’s new "Laptop Hunters" TV campaign, in which an uber-attractive […]