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You’ve got to stop making albums. In today’s "New York Times", there’s a story about the gaming industry, wherein it is stated that the usual suspects, the PlayStation3, Xbox360 and even the vaunted Wii, are getting blindsided by the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Games for this new mobile platform are cheap, if not free, and there’s no […]

Critics Don’t Matter

"Monsters vs. Aliens" just broke the 2009 box office record despite having reviews that were mediocre at best. If you’re making your music for the cognoscenti, you’re missing the point.  You only need to please your target audience, that’s it.  Music used to be a hierarchical world.  Who had the number one album, who got […]


Focus on awareness, not sales. Forget the Pirate Bay trial, forget P2P piracy and cease and desist letters.  They are now the sideshow.  We’re moving from ownership to streaming.  Spotify is king here, but it’s not the only one.  There’s MySpace, there’s iMeem and the pay granddaddies, Rhapsody and Napster.  Streaming is better than ownership.  […]


Clean bathrooms.  That’s why I’m writing this.  Cleaner than my own house.  So clean I’m convinced no one used the commode prior to me.  There weren’t even any scratches, it’s like they installed a brand new toilet for each and every customer. So Leo and I are rolling down the highway, after a few days […]