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The Music Reflects The Culture

If you look at the Spotify Top 50 and wince… Chances are you’re over thirty, probably forty, fifty or sixty, and are wondering where all the good times have gone. Because now, the music is only about good times. Whereas it used to be about deeper meanings, plumbing one’s soul and revealing your warts and […]

“Surf City-The Jan & Dean Story”

Surf City: The Jan and Dean Story This is strangely readable. Writing is an art, a talent that most people don’t possess. After finishing this, I tried to crack the new Brian Wilson book, it was unfathomable, short sentences as if you were in the room and the man himself was free-associating. That’s Brian, but […]

The Corn Maze

“Ready To Get Lost At Forneris Farms”? We did! I’ve been sitting in the house for too long, staring at all four walls recovering from my shoulder surgery. I’m back and at ’em now, veering from here to there, booking all comers, and when I found myself inside this morning…I STARTED TO FREAK OUT! I […]

Friday New Release Playlist

Friday New Release Playlist Friday was my record shopping day. Monday was my record returning day. That’s what people seem to forget about the vinyl revival, the imperfections. Most companies did not use 100% virgin vinyl, they employed regrind. As in when you returned records, they steamed off the labels, maybe, ground up the what […]