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The Death Of Vine

The Internet is about fads. Whether it be MySpace, or Vine, they’re hot for a while and then people move on, they’re the movies of the twenty first century. Remember when we went to the flicks to be part of the culture? So when we went to parties we’d have something to talk about? […]

The NFL Crashes

I don’t buy it. The story that the Presidential election is hurting NFL ratings. After all, the “Walking Dead” won Sunday night. Turns out zombies trump overdeveloped men when they go head to head. This has been a long time coming. That’s the story of the twenty first century, the decimation of old paradigms. What […]

Matt Nathanson Shook Me All Night Long

Matt Nathanson Aug 22, 2014: 15 – You Shook Me All Night Long [AC/DC] Impromptu-Clifton Park,NY Full It’s all about the riff. I bought “Back In Black” after hearing “You Shook Me All Night Long” on the radio. I knew “Highway To Hell,” “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ […]

Benjy’s Late

Nobody plans to fail. But they fail to plan. That’s what the dental hygienist told me today. After telling me she moved to a new duplex in South Central L.A., an hour away. One day she decided to take the freeway, despite Waze’s incantations, but then it took an hour and a half. But she […]