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Country Primer

Country Primer Playlist For all of you classic rockers who can’t fathom the pop sound. For all of you who wonder where the rock went. For all of you who think country is redneck music, either totally right wing or too twangy… This is for you. I was once like you, and then I discovered… […]

My Physical

I’m alive and I’m free Who wouldn’t wanna be me Dr. Becker goes to more shows than I do. We forget how many fans there are. Insiders stay in catering, conversing, whereas those who pay to get in, live for the music. I know, I know, physicals are passe, you no longer need them. Hogwash. […]


It’s a stiff. Ignore the sales chart. That’s where hard core fans and looky-loos go to participate, the store, the action is now in streaming, where we can see right away if anybody is listening. AND THEY’RE NOT! It’s staggering, not one track off of Lady Gaga’s new collection is in the Spotify United States […]

AT&T/Time Warner

It’s a game of musical chairs. AT&T is not looking to win so much as to SURVIVE! Just think about it, Time used to be a colossus, Warner too. The latter was early into cable, its music division fed the growth and now both are indie entities today, long gone. While the CEOs were going […]