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Dylan’s Nobel

They want Bob Dylan to talk. But he listens. That’s what was so astounding about his 2015 MusiCares speech. He’s been listening all along. To the naysayers, the phonies, those heaping false accolades. He’s been on his own journey, beholden to no one, and that’s why he’s both pushed the envelope and become revered. But […]

Keith Urban At Staples

When did concerts become tribal rites? It was not like this back in the sixties and seventies, when classic rock ruled. There was a gulf between performer and audience, it was a show, now it’s an EXPERIENCE! Ignore the virtual reality hype, there’s nothing like being there, observing the assembled multitude, watching the women sway […]

Long Form Content In A Short Form World

We want to go deep. I just spend 95 minutes listening to Howard Stern interview Sarah Jessica Parker and I didn’t hear the whole thing. How did he keep my interest in a short attention span economy? That’s a lie. We’ve just got incredible shit detectors. We want nothing but great, we’ve got endless time […]

Garth Brooks/Amazon

He needs a hit. This is what happens when you put commerce in front of career, when you’re too inured to the old ways, when you try to have one foot in the old world and one foot in the new. You fail. Oldsters love Garth. He tours at low ticket prices to satisfied fans. […]