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How do it know? I left Sherman Oaks at 3:15. Got to Ojai at 4:37. Right to the minute. There was unforeseen traffic getting on to the 101. But once I hit Woodland Hills I was going 80. How did the machine calculate for that? Not that the app is always right. I had to […]

Howard Stern

He was so NICE! The highlight of last year occurred… When I was at this surgeon’s house to see Leon Bridges, a benefit for MusiCares. I was not planning to go, but Lisa said it would end by 9:15, and there was no way I was gonna fall asleep before that. You see the next […]

New York City

Just like I pictured it. Does anybody get Stevie Wonder references anymore? I just saw a play, so whacked, that asked the same question about Steely Dan. The two characters were Becker and Fagen fanatics, they wondered if we knew the lyrics, anything beyond the band’s William S. Burroughs inspired name and song titles. Things […]

Release Radar Notables

“Daddy Was A Badass” Jesse Dayton Well Daddy was a badass, ole bit of white trash Never took nobody’s lip He was a honky tonk dancer, even beat cancer Forty years of smokin’, just quit We went to see Joe King Carrasco, my girlfriend heard him on KROQ, back when it was a free-form station, […]