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Re-Zach Bryan/All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster

Bob had only heard of Zach Bryan when you wrote the first article about his LA performance and upon your recommendation bought American heartbreak and holy s..t my 8 year old daughter knows most of the words to almost every song. She asks about the backstory for each song, sings along and I can’t wait […]

Taj Mahal-This Week’s Podcast

The one and only! Taj is serving as the NYU/Americana Artist-in-Residence for 2022-23. Intelligent, feisty and as sharp as ever, Taj tells us about growing up, his adventures with major labels and independents, and how he has sustained his career all these years. Revered by his compatriots, this is a chance to experience the magic […]

All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster Set-up is history. This is what the movie industry does not understand. The studios and the usual suspect artists want theatrical releases, because of the attendant marketing. So when these flicks hit streaming services everybody is aware of them. And that marketing is uber-expensive. Tens of millions of dollars. To promote a film that […]

The Hua Hsu Book

“Stay True”: Part of me wants to tell you to read this book, and another wants to give a caveat. If you’ve read my favorite book, “Anna Karenina,” you know it is peppered with political diatribes. Some people skip right over those. And if you do you miss little plot. “Stay True” is a […]