Re-Zach Bryan/All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster

Bob had only heard of Zach Bryan when you wrote the first article about his LA performance and upon your recommendation bought American heartbreak and holy s..t my 8 year old daughter knows most of the words to almost every song. She asks about the backstory for each song, sings along and I can’t wait to take her to see him. Then he releases the live show and wow – you’re spot on about the audience knowing every word – who doesn’t like his lyrics?

Hal Kempson


I have never listened to Zach Bryan before. I knew he was becoming a big deal in the country world. Listened to the record because of all the hype/conversation/news (and a week off where I can actually just check something out). WOW. What a great record. Some rad songs here, and a loud crowd for a live record. Was just way better than I expected.

Seems rare when a record is getting this kind of media attention that it actually is a great record underneath it. Hope a lot of people discover him for it.

Stephen Chilton


Seems like you and Obama are the only people talking about Zach Bryan. I don’t get this. He missed pretty much every major list. Why don’t critics love him as much as the people clearly do. His music obviously resonates with folks in a very real way. What is everyone else missing?–

John N. Hamilton


I’ve been a fan for 3 years.  Watching the growth of ZB is something you will only witness once in a lifetime.  So raw.  So real.  He is a once in a lifetime artist.


Dan Sheehan


It really hurts to see Zach and his rhetoric lately knowing how many promoters have emotionally invested time into his career the last 18 months only to feel like like we have a knife in our back. It hurts even more to see him tweeting about “Twitter fingers” when he’s yet to entertain any in-person conversations with Ticketmaster on the issue. Instead he’s chosen to weaponize his fans on issues they are uneducated in. Much like Taylor’s master ownership debacle with Scooter

Look and see whose name is on most of the paychecks he will receive in 2023, that’s all I’m saying….

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