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Empty Glass

Spotify: YouTube: “My life’s a mess, I wait for you to pass I stand here at the bar, I hold an empty glass” That’s when you know something is truly wrong, when you no longer go to the bar for conviviality, but the escape. My father owned a liquor store, Bay Package, right […]

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Of the Moody Blues…

Book Recommendation

“Baker Towers”: 1 This book is SO good… whenI know this is the third missive of the day. But I didn’t quite like the tone of the first two. I don’t want to always come across angry. I am oftentimes indignant. I guess that’s a result of feeling so powerless. In order to have […]

Today’s News

“Ticketmaster’s Dark History – A 40 year saga of kickbacks, threats, political maneuvering, and the humiliation of Pearl Jam”: This is what happens when reporters tell a story. They may get the facts right but they miss the essence. And not all the facts are right. This is a tale from thirty years ago, […]