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It Hurts To Be In Love

Prior to ’64 my transistor was for the Yankee games.  And occasionally the Mets.  I didn’t listen to music on the radio.  That was for the living room, where my mother played show tunes.  And in my bedroom occasionally, with 45s like the "Purple People Eater".  But the Beatles changed everything.  Suddenly, Tuesday night was […]

Buying A Bed

I hate to shop.  The concept of going from store to store just to find something I want to buy eludes me.  Isn’t there something BETTER to do with one’s time?  Like read a book?  But every once in a while you NEED something.  But that still doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and […]

Tale Of Two Worlds

Jeff H.: Re: YouTube "Just go to YouTube and plug "knopfler this is us" in the search box and you too can watch the video." Make that COULD have watched the video. When I went there, I got the following message tonight (Friday): "This video has been removed due to copyright infringement." Ed Teja: Re: […]

This Week’s Podcast – Baby Seat

In the late sixties the definition of a hit started to change. It was no longer about a snappy track that could be played on AM Top Forty but something that exuded sheer QUALITY! To the point where the Doors’ "The End" could be considered a hit. At eleven minutes and with no constantly returning […]