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Only 3,279 people have watched Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris on YouTube.  And that’s CRIMINAL!  You’ll be mesmerized by Knopfler’s licks, but just shy of three minutes in, when Emmylou starts kicking her legs backward in time to the music, you’ll exclaim VOILA, she’s fucking KIKI DEE! I’ve got the music in me.  And you […]

This Is Us

Last night I went to see Gomez at the Avalon.  Jason Colton tracked me down. Do you know Jason?  He used to work with Paluska handing Phish.  Now he’s moved on to Coran’s operation, Red Light Management.  And, in addition to looking after Mike Gordon, he’s taken on Gomez.  Which is why Jason was in […]

End Of An Era

"Bring me STARS!"  That’s what the Sony brass told Tim Devine.  So he walked. Used to be you were dying to get IN!  Now those with jobs want to get OUT! Tim Devine is the weasel’s weasel.  The kind of guy made for the major label.  Sidling up to you as a friend but ultimately […]

Ladies Of The Canyon

Friday night I was kept awake reading an article on Facebook in "The New Yorker".  I assume not everybody reading this knows what Facebook is.  Just like our parents had no idea what rock bands like the Doors or Crosby, Stills & Nash were. Facebook is a social networking site.  Established by a Harvard student.  […]