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Last Night’s Sopranos

My father was out of control.  You never knew when he’d snap, what would set him off.  It could be something recognizable, concrete, like wrecking the car, but he also reached over the dinner table and smacked me when he heard the tines of my fork hitting my teeth.  And if you fucked up a […]

God Only Knows

Doreen was counting on me to entertain Brian Wilson. Felice is really good at these awards dinners.  She throws her head back and laughs, looks inquisitively when hearing the most banal drivel.  Me?  After a moment inside the ballroom absolutely everything at home sounds appealing.  Not only reading the newspapers and surfing the Web, but […]

Modern Marketing

How come it took five years for the public to turn on President Bush?  Could it be that people are just that religious, or just that dumb, or could it be that they just didn’t HEAR WHAT WAS GOING ON! The left doesn’t get it.  The tax cuts.  The lack of WMDs.  Finally Katrina.  What […]

The XM Lawsuit

I wasn’t previously a believer, but I’m coming around to the viewpoint that Mel Karmazin is a BRILLIANT businessman. Sirius launched after XM. Reception of its signal is problematic. The sound, to my ears, is clearly inferior to XM’s. Yet not only has Sirius stolen XM’s thunder, a betting man would say that it’s going […]