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The copyright police are gonna kill MySpace. Whilst trumpeting the ability of MySpace to break bands, the major labels ignored rampant copyright infringement on the site.  Seemingly every girl and boy trolling for friends/to get laid put up copyrighted material/their favorite tunes on MySpace.  ANYBODY who used the site knew this, proving that either, once […]

Hall Of Fame

It’s time to close the doors.  The Renaissance didn’t last forever, nor did the heyday of rock and roll. We HATED Chic.  Oh, all these years later we love "Good Times" at Bar Mitzvahs, and Nile Rodgers went on to produce the B-52’s, among others, but to call Chic rock, never mind worthy of a […]

My Dinner With Geiger

Well I just woke up from a night of fitful sleep that finally ended when Dave Matthews’ helicopter didn’t make it over the wall and crashed.  Just as I was thinking of the perils of the rich, how their advantages put them in circumstances the normal don’t entertain, I woke up. Whew! Funny how your […]

Manchester-Saturday Afternoon

So we’re at this hotel in Salford and Tony starts talking about the Sex Pistols. I’d like to tell you I remember the name of the organization, but I don’t.  A non-profit housing group, with 8,000 units in Salford, across the river, and a tiny river it is, from Manchester.  The group has paid Tony […]