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Wide belts.  That’s what I learned walking in what I believe is called the Arndale in Manchester city center. You see there’s this long strip that reminds one of a high school hallway.  Walk in the wrong direction on the wrong side and…it’s like playing hockey, you’re going to get CHECKED! Short ones, tall ones, […]

Manchester-Evening One

So I’m trying to buy a cell phone… I’m on Verizon.  Verizon (and Sprint!) use CDMA.  Whereas the rest of the world uses GSM.  And Verizon sells a multiple band phone but not a multiple band BlackBerry, and how often am I in the U.K./out of the States.  But when you leave the mother country, […]

Last Week’s Sales

1. Rod Stewart "Still the Same…Great Rock Classics Of Our Time"184,304Debut Okay, which way do you want to have it?  Old credible rocker means nothing anymore and you no longer care or Clive Davis resurrects the career of a fading star? Let’s start with the latter. Rod Stewart’s credibility problems started with his huge hit […]

Lefsetz 101

I constantly get e-mail asking: 1. Why do you steal music?2. What’s your problem with CDs?3. Why do you think music should be free? The following is where I’m coming from: P2P It’s social protest. If you believe change is gonna come by abiding by the rules of those in power then you just haven’t […]