Wide belts.  That’s what I learned walking in what I believe is called the Arndale in Manchester city center.

You see there’s this long strip that reminds one of a high school hallway.  Walk in the wrong direction on the wrong side and…it’s like playing hockey, you’re going to get CHECKED!

Short ones, tall ones, big ones, small ones as stated in "Too Many Fish In The Sea"…ALL the women were wearing these four inch or so wide belts.

Fashion seems very important here.  Maybe because it’s so fucking GREY!  There’s no mountains, no beach, it’s all about you and your friends.  Shopping seems a ritual in Manchester, then again, maybe it’s only in outdoor L.A. that everybody’s engaged in physical activity on the weekends.  Hell, Manchester in October is the best advertisement for SoCal EVER!

So I got my phone.

I could say the clerks were lying sacks of shit, but at this point I believe they’re just uninformed/ignorant.

I got an unlocked phone.  Which works in the U.K., Europe and Africa.  If you want it to work in the U.S. you’ve got to buy a tri-band phone.  For SOUTH America, you need a QUAD band phone.  Shit, you’ve got to be a fucking scientist to figure it all out.

I got the unlocked, and paid a lot more for it, because outside of the U.K. I can buy a SIM card and pay local rates.  Whereas locked phones are…locked to the service provider in the U.K.

I’m gonna meet Tony & Yvette downstairs in ten minutes to go to the Lowry where Tony is going to give a speech on housing.  Yes, Mr. Wilson is a man of many colors.

Then to the kickoff event for In The City at the Bridgewater.  Usually where we lecture wannabes on the cold hard reality of the music business.

New York is a lonely town when you’re the only surfer boy around.  And Manchester ain’t that different when you’re sans your peeps.  But I’m getting hooked up soon…

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