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The Generation Gap

I want to secede from the baby boomers. Please, tell me where to turn in my badge, I don’t want to be lumped in with these arrogant assholes who somehow think that through sheer numbers and will they can rule the earth on their terms and be hip until they DIE! I had inklings my […]

From Christine Lavin

Dear Bob: You heard Jeff Daniels with me on xm a few months back — well, I have another scoop — I didn’t want to tell you about it til it was scheduled to air — and now it is. Steve Wozniak, the guy who invented the personal computer and co-founded Apple, has a new […]

The Music Business

From: Phil Walden, Jr.: For years Atlantic paid a royalty to Duane’s estate for the Layla album pursuant to a verbal deal between phil and i guess wexler.  RSO was distributed in the us by atlantic (I think that’s the connection).  When atlantic was no longer involved the checks stopped.  We tried to help galadrielle […]

Today’s Tracks

"Make This Go On Forever"Snow Patrol Please just save me from this darkness They need to double the 101.  That’s now the worst freeway.  East or west of the 405, it doesn’t matter.  And stunningly, the 134 east of Universal City is bad TOO!  Utter fucking gridlock.  If I knew I was going to Burbank […]