The Generation Gap

I want to secede from the baby boomers. Please, tell me where to turn in my badge, I don’t want to be lumped in with these arrogant assholes who somehow think that through sheer numbers and will they can rule the earth on their terms and be hip until they DIE!

I had inklings my heritage was history during the Reagan years, when suddenly everybody who protested against the Vietnam War and pledged to love his brother sold out for cash and scampered to live in a gated community.

And then there was the way they treated their CHILDREN! If that asshole who sponsored Mitzvahpalooza sold body armor for KIDS, baby boomers would buy it up. Making sure that their progeny never got another "owwee", even though just like the body armor that jerk sold was piercable, there’s NO protection one can deliver to one’s kids to make them safe from society.

Frightening—And Fantastic

Oh, don’t you LAUGH when baby boomers start railing against MySpace? These same personages who hitchhiked all over America are fearful that Little Benjamin and Madison are too fucking dumb to ferret out true from false online and some bogeyman is going to knock on the front door, since the kids proferred their address and cell number, and whisk them away into slavery, if not DEATH!

We live in a land of rampant falsehoods perpetrated by baby boomers all proffered in the name of keeping those uttering them in CONTROL! You doubt me? Just look at the President.

Really, it’s unending doublespeak. From a prior President who wanted to debate the meaning of "is" to the holier than thou pricks who attacked him. It used to be about rules. Now the game is FUCKING WITH THE RULES THEMSELVES!

But while the baby boomers try to one up each other, the younger generation has tuned out.

Kids know MTV airs no music and is only watchable to make fun of the idiots participating.

Kids think conventional TV is such a waste that NBC Universal had to give up at 8 o’clock.

The Net not only changed everything, it’s STILL changing everything.

If one more jerk e-mails me about the viability of discs I’m going to sentence him to lunch at the local high school, hell JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL! Where he’ll find out from the kids that the ONLY reason to buy a CD is as a souvenir, that files rule. If you don’t believe this, if you’re FIGHTING THIS, you’re so out of touch, so convinced your shit doesn’t stink, that you’d BETTER NOT e-mail me. Yes, discs ARE still selling. But that’s because the major labels have refrained from fully embracing files. Because they know in a file world, their distribution advantage is history. But someday in the not too distant future, the dam will break, and discs will be history. Hell, look at the facts. Not of how many files are sold at exorbitant prices on iTunes, but the number that are STOLEN compared to the number that are PAID FOR! The file ALREADY rules, it’s just SoundScan hasn’t found a way to quantify it. And they’re not eager, because the major labels pay their bills, keeping SoundScan alive, and when the labels die, they can’t pay SoundScan and it TANKS!

And, who the hell needs SoundScan in a digital world?

Then there’s the fucking "Borat" hype. What old wave crap THAT is. The movie business is JUST ABOUT to enter the same hell the music business found itself in in 2000. Where release dates are no longer sacred. Where the product is in the marketplace BEFORE you release it. Hell, search YouTube, there’s a PLETHORA of "Borat" movie clips

Borat And on BitTorrent you can probably get the whole damn film.

But what is pushing me over the edge is this Boy Scout/MPAA "activity patch"

A Merit Badge That Can’t Be Duplicated

I was already primed to turn in my Eagle Scout medal when gay leaders were banned, but now making these kids apparatchiks for the heinous agenda of Dan Glickman and his cronies? This must stop! These people must be EXPOSED!

We ARE NOT going back to the past!

To everyone saying it’s about education, teaching kids copyright, I say when you learn to program in C++, better yet, just learn how to fix your own damn computer. But you don’t want to. You just want Steve Jobs to make the OS easier and safer to use. But you want your KIDS to be scholars on YOUR issues! Fucking RIDICULOUS!

Kids shouldn’t know about copyright. Not every ten year old should be an expert on morality. Rather, kids should be mindlessly corralled like cattle to do the right thing! Cowboys don’t allow cattle to roam free, they build FENCES! Build a fucking fence around the stealing/infringement and CHARGE THESE KIDS A REASONABLE PRICE FOR USAGE!

But NO, the arrogant baby boomers think they can have it THEIR way.

How about a moratorium. If you can’t set up an e-mail account, you can’t comment on tech. You’ve got to leave the debate. If you don’t know the difference between IMAP and POP, then you get no vote, you can’t render an opinion. You’re not a citizen of cyberspace, you’ve got no STANDING!

What we see with the Net is a change in distribution. To believe that one can employ the old models in the new world is to believe you can pole vault in the Olympics with a bamboo stick. Or that you can go through voice mail/prompt hell with a dial phone. Or play vinyl records in your car. Those days, those technologies, are THROUGH! Maybe you enjoyed them in their day, but that doesn’t mean they get to live FOREVER!

Oh, keep rambling about the good old days. When electronic shops fixed broken items instead of people throwing them out and buying new ones since the price is so damn cheap and it doesn’t pay to repair them.

Then again, the only thing that DOESN’T change is creativity. Coming up with something so different, so outrageous, so PLEASING, that people HAVE to have it. THAT’S what the entertainment business was based on.

But Dan Glickman’s minions don’t make those kinds of flicks anymore.

And the major labels? They think everybody’s stupid and is desirous of these no-talent superstars they purvey in every mainstream medium known to man.

It’s 1964 all over again. Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones. You’re either with us or against us. Furthermore, in a digital world, it IS about equity/loving your brother. Because digits, unlike baby boomers, don’t lie.

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    Lefsetz writes that he no longer wants e-mail from folks about the viability of compact discs. Indeed, the compact disc itself is not […]

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