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7 Prisoners

It’s on Netflix. If you’re playing the home game, and you’re paying attention, you know that today the Maggie Gyllenhaal film “The Lost Daughter” goes live on Netflix. A New Year’s gift, it’s a marketing mistake. In today’s fast-flowing world you want the product available simultaneous with the hype. The “Lost Daughter” hype took place […]

Bonus Family Season 4

That was phenomenal. I’ve got tears in my eyes. It’s only about relationships. Only. We can’t live alone, we can’t function alone, and we never know what’s going through anybody else’s mind. How’s that for life? You grow up waiting to get out of school and then you do and no one cares about you, […]

Everybody Is A Star

We’re in the post-internet era, What do I mean by that? The innovation, the bubble, is over. As for cryptocurrency, it took so long to mature that the governments are now involved, regulating or talking about doing that, whereas the goal of crypto was to obviate the need for banks and governments. Let’s see. You […]

Shooter Jennings-This Week’s Podcast

Shooter Jennings is not only Jessi Colter and Waylon Jennings’s son, he’s an artist and producer in his own right. Along with Dave Cobb, Shooter produced the last two Brandi Carlile albums and has a magic touch, helping formulate the songs as well as the sound. A nice, voluble guy, you’ll fall in love with […]