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Spotify Transparency

There is none. In Singapore, I interviewed Ken Parks, majordomo of Spotify’s U.S. operation. I told him I would ask tough questions. That I had to, everybody already thinks I’m on the Spotify payroll, I just couldn’t let him do a commercial. He said this was all cool. And then didn’t answer a single question […]

The Beer Market

We promised we’d hear the band. Which is how we, the assembled multitude, myself, the AEG guys and Ross and Laurietta, Singapore concert promoters, found ourselves in the Beer Market. There’s no litter in Singapore. I think there’s a fine for that. Or a re-education camp. They actually have signs boasting about this. So, a […]


I saw the Woodstock movie, Santana killed with "Soul Sacrifice", but although I liked "Evil Ways" I didn’t buy the debut, I only had so much money. So, months later, when I was a freshman at college and everybody was buying albums to evidence their identity, I didn’t purchase the newly released "Abraxas" either. But […]

Final Singapore

EZRIN Steve Hunter wrote the riff in "Solsbury Hill". And the original refrain was completely different, involving a taxi, and Bob said NO, there was NO WAY that was gonna be on the record. To say Bob Ezrin’s interview with Ralph Simon was riveting would do it no justice. If you live for these records, […]